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Bernard Packard was licensed to practice law in 1967 after graduating from South Texas College of Law. He has served his clients for over fifty years and contributes a wealth of knowledge and experience to the firm. Throughout his career, Bernard has represented clients in several areas of law including Family and Divorce, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Wills, Probate, and other general matters.

Born in 1939, Bernard was a child of the Great Depression. He was raised on an Idaho farm where he milked cows at 4:00 a.m. every day and bucked sugar beets to help support the family. While he was young and before medicine and safety regulations were modernized, several of his siblings and both parents died from sickness and accident.

From the loss of his siblings and parents as well as poverty and hard labor on the farm, Bernard learned to understand and appreciate the struggles that everyday people face. He also has served in various capacities in his church where he was able to help many people find peace and hope. The empathy and genuine concern that Bernard developed over his lifetime has allowed him to understand his clients and represent them in the courtroom with zeal and passion.