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If you are sinking into debt or struggling to pay your bills, or if you are burdened by worry, stress, and fear about your finances, bankruptcy may provide you with the debt relief you need and give you a fresh start. We at Packard & Packard, PLLC devote many resources to our bankruptcy practice. We want to help you experience the relief, freedom, and peace of mind by getting you back on your feet and on the road to financial recovery.

Our Practice Areas


Helping Clients Find Debt Relief

Our law firm is dedicated to helping people solve their debt problems. Bankruptcy laws provide powerful tools that help protect people who are overwhelmed by debt. Bankruptcies filed under a Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code may eliminate much of your debt and reorganize the rest so that you can afford to keep the things you need. If restructuring (refinancing) your debts is not needed, bankruptcies filed under Chapter 7 may discharge most or all of your unsecured debts and help you get a fresh start.

Our lawyers and friendly staff will work with you so that your case is properly prepared and filed. We will also work with you to prepare for the creditor’s meeting and to present your case to the court for approval. Throughout the life of your case, we will monitor your case and work with you to resolve the issues that may arise.

Through bankruptcy, we may be able to

  • Stop foreclosure of your home
  • Stop repossession of your car or truck
  • Stop harassing phone calls and letters
  • Stop garnishment of your wages
  • Stop penalties and interest on IRS debt
  • Stop lawsuits against you

Every person is unique, as is his or her financial situation. At Packard & Packard, PLLC, we will work closely with you to explore your options and help you determine what course of action is best for you.

We Strive to Provide:

  • Warm and Friendly Environments

    We're here to listen to your story and provide guidance to a fresh start.

  • Skilled Representation

    We offer refreshing and needed relief and peace of mind, knowing your case is in good hands.

  • Compassionate and Affordable Services

    We understand the gravity of your situation and will do everything we can to help.

Have Questions?

We are ready to review the details of your case and guide you through the entire bankruptcy or family law process. You don't have to face bankruptcy or divorce alone. For the client-focused representation you need for your bankruptcy or family law case, please contact us.